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Women In Tech Conference

powered by RockIt Women

May 18 – 19, 2021  • 7:45 am to 6:30 pm • Galt House East • Louisville, KY

Two days full of amazing programs, networking, learning opportunities, prizes, and more with some of the greatest minds in technology. It’s an amazing opportunity to be with over 500 women (and a few good men) to discuss all things tech.

At the Women in Technology Conference, executives, entrepreneurs, and technology thought leaders will converge to discuss topics like artificial intelligence, data science, coding, cybersecurity, software engineering, and more. The conference offers professional development for attendees, including opportunities to advance skills, network with peers, and be inspired by women who are making an impact in the IT industry. WIT Conference is all about empowering women who empower women!

This is a #TechCityEvent, growing the awareness of greater Louisville’s tech ecosystem and an emerging hub for tech talent!

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A #TechCity Event

We are grateful to Greater Louisville Inc (GLI) for being a community partner for this event. GLI is helping to prepare local businesses and the workforce that supports them for 21st Century technology jobs. Learn more. External Link. Opens in new window. about their efforts and follow #techcity on social media.

Louisville #TechCityEvent

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The Women in Tech Conference is so important to this community. Of course it’s great for networking with other women in tech, but truly it’s so much more than that. One reason being that it brings together women of all age groups, including students. Young girls may be more interested in pursuing a career path in technology when they’re able to see other women doing it and being super successful at it. It’s also important that we have people from all perspectives and backgrounds making and shaping the technology of our future. Lastly, it gives us a venue to lift each other up, connect each other with resources, and share our stories.”
Morgan Carrier
Account Manager – Applications
Ashly Clark
After being laid off due to Covid, I initially started volunteering for the WIT-Louisville Conference as a way to fill time and hopefully do some good in the community. The amount of camaraderie and genuine goodwill among the leadership and committees (which include women AND men) has been fantastic. Seeing what goes on behind the scenes in a sincere effort to empower and encourage women's role in tech fields, specifically within our region has been inspiring.”
Ashly Clark
Independent Contractor
Women in tech logo
The Women in Tech Conference is a great way to learn new things, meet new people, hear from new exhibitors, make network connections, support the community, and reunite with friends."
Dave Mattingly
Independant Consultant
Lindsay O'Neil
I choose to be a part of the WIT community in Louisville to be able to support and connect women. Many times I am a part of leadership conversations with customers and I am the only female in the room. I am passionate about connecting people and this event allows me to meet people in the industry and introduce them to others. My favorite part is networking and seeing all the different types of women that show up.”
Lindsay O’Neil
Sr Account Executive- Specialty within Application Development
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I am new to tech and only heard about the conference last year in the summer. I got very excited at the idea of getting together with a bunch of women with the same interests. When I got to the conference, I was blown away. I had no idea what to expect, but it certainly was not 500 women getting together. It was the most incredible experience, which is why I wanted to participate in the planning committee."
Emily Sullivan
Student Success Coordinator
Code Louisville & Tech Louisville
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Matt Mullenweg, American entrepreneur and web developer, once said “Technology is best when it brings people together” and that can be said about the Louisville Women in Technology Conference. It brings women and men from all walks of life and careers together into one harmonious event. As a first time attendee I left empowered to see women that walk on the path that it is not just about ideas, it is about making ideas happen.”
Heather MacKenzie
Technology Program Manager
American Printing House for the Blind
Jessica Bledsoe headshot
It was incredibly inspiring to see so many women in technology in one room during the WIT Conference. From the keynote to the breakout sessions, and even just the ladies I had the pleasure of having lunch with, I was so happy to be part of a conference that was focused on women in tech and inspiring other young women to pursue a career in STEM."
Jessica Bledsoe
RCN Technologies
Women in tech logo
Women in tech careers has never been more important as it is today. This event celebrates the many contributions women are making to this industry and it inspires young females to see this industry as a career and not just as a user."
Deana Epperly Karem
Senior Vice President, Regional Economic Growth
Greater Louisville Inc.
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I had the luxury to be a part of this fantastic conference from its start and watched it grow to be an arena for local female professionals to come together to find their passion. As one of the speakers of the conference in 2018, I saw how we could inspire one another to be a better self and achieve our dreams. The conference enables us to come together, share our ideas from the latest technology trends, and learn how we can grow professionally in our careers."
Haleh Karimi - Lecturer
University of Louisville
College of Business - Computer Information Systems

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Women in Tech Louisville Conference is now powered by RockIt Women

RockIT Women is a launchpad to help women to propel and excel in all facets of technology and in life by empowering women who empower women.

RockIT Women began as a way for women to finally say “I was not the only woman in the room!” There are many brilliant women in technology, but often they don’t have a voice because strength is greater in numbers and they are outnumbered. Therefore…

RockIT Women is a launchpad for women to excel in their career in IT. RockIT Women’s goal is to empower women through training, support, and connections. Let’s close the gender gap and give young ladies the aspirational role models they need to see a future in technology.

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