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Who should attend

Women of all ages in any and all areas of technology – STEAM. The conference is not focused on any one specific technology, however,  some of the breakout tracks may be about a specific area/topic. Luckily, there are lots of tracks to choose from!   Oh, and men can also attend!

Tech skills are not required

In addition to the numerous IT breakout sessions, there are a few that require no tech knowledge at all. In addition, the keynote speakers focus on female empowerment, experience, and general knowledge, so again, no tech skills are needed to learn and enjoy.

Conference Goals

To provide a platform for women to network, grow and learn and ultimately close the gender gap in technology. To empower women to be all they can be and chase their dreams! 

Conference Objectives

  1. Get more women into IT fields.
  2. Retain and advance women in IT fields.
  3. Recognize Women for their tenure and contributions to the IT industry

Past Conference Metrics 

2015 110 attended         8 speakers 5 Sponsors   6 trade show participants

2018 310 attended        13 speakers 12 sponsors   17 trade show participants  

2019 530 attended         23 speakers 24 sponsors   23 trade show participants

*This event is not affiliated with the National Women in Tech Organization.

Conference Chair and Co-Chair


Shannon Fehr Headshot

Shannon Fehr, CEO

Fehr Event Group and Bliss Events & Co.

Conference Chair

Aly Flagel Goldberg Headshot

Aly Flagel Goldberg, CEO

Iristify LLC

Conference Co-Chair

Planning Committee Chairs

Ashly Clark

Ashly Clark

Business Development Consultant

Prize Committee Chair

Angela A. Ciliberti-Riedling

Angela Ciliberti-Riedling

Brown Forman

Marketing Committee Chair

Adrienne Jones

Adrienne Jones


Mentor Program and Awards Committee Co-Chair

Heather Kennedy MacKenzie

Heather Kennedy-MacKenzie

American Printing House for the Blind

Student Liaison Committee Chair

photo of doctor sharon kerrick

Dr. Sharon Kerrick

University of Louisville

Mentor Program Co-Chair

photo of judy nichols

Judy Nichols, CEO

Breakpoint Technology

Awards Committee Co-Chair

Lindsay O'Neil

Lindsay O’Neil


Technology Committee Chair

Lisa Rabey

Lisa Rabey


Speaker Committee Chair

Emily Sullivan

Emily Sullivan

Code Louisville

Tech Group Liaison Committee

Sarah Wong Headshot

Sarah Wong, Consultant


Mentor Program Co-Chair

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