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Mission Statement

To provide a platform for women to network, grow and learn.  


Conference Goal

Close the gender gap in technology fields.


Conference Objectives

  1. Get more women into IT fields.
  2. Retain and advance women in IT fields.


Conference History

Shannon Fehr, owner, and CEO of the Fehr Event Group organized her first Women in Technology Louisville Conference in 2014 while working at a technology company called

“When I was planning the first event, people said there was no way I could fill a room with just women,” Fehr said. “But they were wrong.” 

The conference was the largest event that Shannon produced during her 10 years at (not including the company’s annual Derby Event, which does not count because it is “Derby”).  In 2016, Shannon left and started her own company, Fehr Event Group. 

“When I started my own company I wanted to do the Women in Tech event, but it took me a while to get the courage to undertake such a big project without financial support,” Fehr said. “Thanks to some amazing volunteers, I was able to find corporate sponsors and hold the second women in tech conference in 2018. I never expected over 300 people to attend, but they did. In 2019, the conference grew again to over 530 attendees. We added breakout sessions, more speakers, a tech showcase and more. This year, we are preparing to host over 700 attendees and we are pulling in global support from companies like AWS and Microsoft.” 

The Women in Technology Conference is for everyone. Men not only attend, several volunteer to help plan the event, a few have been speakers, and several have participated in the technology showcase. By being involved in the conference, men show their support for women in tech and to learn new ways to help close the gender gap. As many companies have proven, when the gender gap is closed, everyone wins! 


Past Conference Metrics 

2014 103 attended         8 speakers 5 Sponsors   6 trade show participants

2018 310 attended         13 speakers 12 sponsors   17 trade show participants  

2019 530 attended         23 speakers 24 sponsors   23 trade show participants


*This event is not affiliated with the National Women in Tech Organization.

Conference  Chairs


Shannon Fehr Headshot

Shannon Fehr, CEO

Fehr Event Group

Aly Goldberg headshot

Aly Goldberg, CEO


2020 Committee Members

Adrienne Jones Smiling

Adrienne Jones
Mentor Program Sub-Committee & Student Liaison

Sarah Wong Headshot

Sarah Wong
Mentor Program Committee

Justin Klensch Headshot

Justin Klensch


image of kim kroll

Kim Krall

photo of latha nallaperumal

Latha Nallaperumal

photo of Joel Jansing

Joel Jansing

photo of doctor sharon kerrick

Dr. Sharon Kerrick
Mentor Program Co-Chair


photo of akshata revankar

Akshata Revankar


Erin Whitlock Headshot

Erin Whitlock


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