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Event History

Shannon Fehr, owner, and CEO of the Fehr Event Group organized her first Women in Technology Lousiville Conference in 2014 while working at a technology company called

“When I was planning the event, people said there was no way I could fill a room with just women,” Fehr said.  “They were so wrong. We easily sold out with just a little over 100 women!” Shannon left in 2016 and started her own event company, Fehr Event Group. “When I started my own company I knew right away I wanted to do the Women in Tech event, but I was a little scared being on my own.”  Long story short, because of the support of the community and numerous volunteers that wanted the event to take place, the second Women In Technology Louisville Conference was held in 2018 and sold out with 350 attendees!

This year, the Women in Technology Louisville Conference is expected to sell out with a max of 550 attendees. The conference is not just for women – men can attend as well and show their support.

The goals of the conference are to get more women into technology, advance women in technology and retain women in technology.

“Once again, we expect to sell out and we are on track to do that,” Fehr said. “Hopefully, one day there will no longer be a gender gap. Until that time, I feel it is important to provide this program to support women in technology – and it is so much fun!!”

Past Conference Metrics 

2014 103 attended         8 speakers 5 Sponsors   6 trade show participants

2018 310 attended         13 speakers 12 sponsors   17 trade show participants  

2019 530 attended         23 speakers 24 sponsors   23 trade show participants


*This event is not affiliated with the National Women in Tech Organization.

Conference  Chairs


Shannon Fehr Headshot

Shannon Fehr, CEO

Fehr Event Group

image of Aly Goldberg

Aly Goldberg, CEO


2020 Committee Members

Adrienne Jones Smiling

Adrienne Jones
Mentor Program Sub-Committee & Student Liaison

Sarah Wong Headshot

Sarah Wong
Mentor Program Committee

Justin Klensch Headshot

Justin Klensch

image of kim kroll

Kim Krall

photo of latha nallaperumal

Latha Nallaperumal

photo of Joel Jansing

Joel Jansing

photo of doctor sharon kerrick

Dr. Sharon Kerrick
Mentor Program Co-Chair


photo of akshata revankar

Akshata Revankar


Erin Whitlock Headshot

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Past Conferences

2018 Conference

2019 Conference