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Event Start Time8:00

Length of the event30min

Event titleBreakfast and registration

Event Start Time8:30

Length of the event15min

Event titleWelcome, Introductions

Event Start Time8:45

Length of the event10min

Event titleGoal of conference

Event Start Time8:55

Length of the event15min

Event titleKeynote 1 - Girlboss

Ashley Singclair Lamb | Founder | Curio Learning

Girl Boss Winner experience

Event Start Time9:10

Length of the event5min

Event titleHow to be a super hero and do it all...

Event Start Time9:15

Length of the event20min

Event titleKeynote 2

Beth Bierbower | Segment President | Humana

Practical advice and tips on how to free up time in your personal life so that you can bring your A-game to work every day and have a successful career

Event Start Time9:35

Length of the event25min

Event titleKeynote 3

Dana Bowers | Founder of Ipay Technologies

Event Start Time10:05

Length of the event25min

Event titleBreak

Event Start Time10:30

Length of the event40min

Event titleBreakout 1

Virgina Nicholson, Angelique Johnson, Merritt Baer, Jocelyn Mangan

Event Start Time11:30

Length of the event40min

Event titleBreakout 2

Laura Mattingly, Cyndi Masters, Judy Nichols, Virginia Olsen

Event Start Time12:30

Length of the event60min

Event titleLunch/Mentor Program Info and Shattered Glass Presentation

Event Start Time1:30

Length of the event60min

Event titleBreakout 3

Monica Haywood and Brandi Boucher Fabel, Rebecca Sussman and Jerry Sussman, Sarikaa Attal and Viktoriya reyzelman, Dell

Event Start Time2:30

Length of the event15min

Event titleNetwork/Break

Event Start Time2:45

Length of the event15min

Event titleWIT Awards

Nominate someone now at

Event Start Time3:05

Length of the event35min

Event titleKeynote 3

Sara Potecha | Author, Speaker, Consultant

The first few classes of women at West Point® faced numerous obstacles to graduate, yet through the cauldron of that experience they developed a formidable hardiness that might surprise you. West Point Woman, Sara Potecha, will inspire as she describes her uphill battles as one of the first women graduates. As an exceptional storyteller and leadership practitioner, Sara will arm you with the essential leadership skills needed to navigate your current situation so you too can achieve more and be all you can be.

Event Start Time3:45

Length of the event15min

Event titleDoor prizes

Event Start Time4:00

Length of the event15min

Event titleClosing Remarks

Event Start Time4:15

Length of the event45min

Event titleNetwork/Tech Showcase

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December 4, 2019

8:30 am – 5:00 pm

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140 N Fourth St, Louisville, KY 40202

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