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Deon Stokes

Founder/CEO, Joint Effort

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  • May 18th 5:00 Entrepreneur common failures to avoid


Deon Stokes offers more than 15 years of experience as the Founder/CEO of Joint Effort Business and Marketing Consulting, the founder and visionary of the podcast and web series The Failure Report, Co-Host of the podcast Leading In Color with Marta Miranda Straub, the tech developer of Pivot, an online and mobile professional development coach platform and the author of The Ambition Planner, a daily planner for women of faith.

Deon started her career in Alabama politics, managing candidates from local government, U.S. Congress, and Senators. Upon retiring from politics in 2014, she focused on solving the biggest problem in business – how to start a successful business, how to grow that business, and how to make more money. Her mission is to invest in small businesses, startups, and nonprofit agencies through a straightforward and strategic methodology of providing comprehensive strategic planning, branding, and inbound marketing tactics to help companies scale.

Deon wrote the marketing plan for The Failure Report at the airport after a failed business trip and a business partnership that was on the rocks. She envisioned a sacred space where entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs could share stories of failures, missteps, and mistakes as a cautionary tale of what NOT to do in business. The Failure Report gives you an intimate look into how celebrities and entrepreneurs have failed.


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