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Dr. Angelique Johnson

CEO and Founder, MEMStim LLC

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  • 10:30 Why It Is Important to Think About the Diversity of Your Users When Designing, Programming, and Inventing

    Digital Inclusion is more than just access to the internet, hardware and coding classes for women and people of color. Digital inclusion, or the lack thereof, affects the way we interface with technology, how effective technology is for all populations, and who gets included in the innovation process. Access is only relevant if the technology being accessed is purposeful for all. This talk will overview the affects of digital inclusion on user experiences with artificial intelligence (AI), hardware and medical technologies. Digital inclusion starts with including women in the innovation process.


Dr. Angelique Johnson is CEO/founder of MEMStim LLC, a company that produces implantable electronics to treat neurological disorders. With a doctorate in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, her work on microfabricated electrode arrays has resulted in several national and international patents, funding from the NSF and NIH, and a feature on the cover of Hearing Research.

As an expert in Lean Startup Methodology, Dr. Johnson has educated several founders on how to build successful companies. She is an authority on innovation and entrepreneurship.

Dr. Johnson has delivered a congressional briefing on Capitol Hill, served as a speaker for the eighth district of the Federal Reserve, and delivered several international talks. She has been featured on NBC Universal, National Public Radio, The Root news site, Louisville Insider, Business First, and other media outlets.

Passionate about people as well as entrepreneurship, Dr. Johnson has led numerous outreach programs to promote tech careers to underrepresented minorities and women. One such program involved her traveling to Abu Dhabi to increase opportunities in STEM for Middle Eastern and North African Women. Dr. Johnson is CEO/Founder of Vissionaireum, an organization that promotes, trains and equips underrepresented entrepreneurs.


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