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Jerald B. Sussman (Jerry)

Cyber Security Consultant; Retired Senior Intelligence Officer, CIA Cyber Unit

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  • 1:30 Privacy in the Digital Age

    You have a sense of computer security at the workplace, but how protected are your computer files when you’re out of the office? Is the hotel’s Wi-Fi safe to use? What about when you’re traveling on a train, waiting in an airport, or working at your local coffee shop? Jerry Sussman, a premier cyber security expert, and his daughter Rebecca Sussman, an attorney in the field of cyber security, will be tackling those questions with answers that will be sure to shock even the most computer-savvy of you. But don’t worry… they’ll also be providing state-of-the-art solutions for helping you to protect your business (and personal) data from being hacked.


Jerry Sussman worked for the Central Intelligence Agency for over three decades. He was a Senior Technical Intelligence Officer (TIO) assigned to the Information Operations Center (IOC) within the National Clandestine Service (i.e. the CIA’s elite cyber unit) where he spent a majority of his career designing, developing, writing software, and conducting mission-critical technical collection against foreign networks ranging in complexity and risk.

Throughout his career, Mr. Sussman served in increasingly significant technical responsible positions that included assignments as a senior software developer, a senior network engineer, and as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and Technical Leader. During his time in the IOC, Mr. Sussman performed a number of Red Team* tasks against
internal critical networks identifying vulnerabilities and their solutions.

He created and managed several working groups aimed at improving tradecraft tools and information flow within the organization. For his outstanding technical accomplishments, Mr. Sussman was awarded several of the Agency’s highest awards: The McCone Award, which is given to individuals who demonstrate deep technical operational expertise; and The Dreiling Award, which is given for engineering innovation. In addition, he earned over 19 Exceptional Performance Awards.

On numerous occasions, Mr. Sussman served as an Agency Intelligence Briefer to the United States Senior Executive and Congressional Government officials. Mr. Sussman earned the highest level COTR, Certified Financial Manager and U.S. Treasury

Certification Officer certifications and served as one of several lead negotiators for a multi-billion dollar contract. He served as the Financial Certification Officer for one of the

Agency’s largest projects (i.e., over one billion dollars-a-year for five years). Mr. Sussman is an expert in a large number of programming languages and has a deep understanding of low- level network protocols (UDP, TCP, HTTP, DNS, etc.) and Network Security tools. While serving in the IOC, Mr. Sussman maintained and performed network diagnostics on a globally distributed network and developed and deployed VPN client and servers for endpoint security using OpenVPN. He also has extensive experience customizing and securing network gateways and perimeters.

He earned both a Master of Science Degree in Computer Science and a Post-graduate certification in Network Security and Information Assurance from George Washington University.

* A Red Team is a group of white-hat hackers who attack an organization’s digital infrastructure to test its defenses.



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