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Judy Nichols

CEO and Owner, Breakpoint Technology

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  • 11.35 Building an Effective Collaboration Strategy with Microsoft 365

    The Modern Workplace is quite a bit different than what we saw 30 years ago, or in many cases even 5 years ago. The way that people work together, share information, and regularly cross traditional boundaries makes outdated business practices and technologies not only frustrating but actually a hindrance to office productivity and efficiency. Almost every organization expects its employees to spend the majority of their work day collaborating with others in some way, yet they rarely spend any time developing a strategy to support or plan for this very important process. The good news is that it is very possible to put together the right collaboration strategy for your organization and then to build a technology process to support that strategy. In this session we’ll discuss the components of building an effective strategy and then lay out a scenario using Microsoft 365 as an example of feeding technology back in to provide a high level design.


Judy Nichols started her career working in all aspects of physician practices for several years including Cardiovascular Testing, Lab, Transcription, Coding, Billing, AR/AP, Physician Recruitment, and Practice Management. She helped found the Toledo Medic Users Group in 1991, aided several practices in starting the process toward electronic medical records, and worked as a consultant with a hospital reimbursement specialty organization before getting her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Louisville in Computer Information Systems.

She joined Aspect Software (then Quilogy) in 2006 as a Managing Consultant and ended as a Senior Director in their Professional Services Division leading their Services Healthcare Vertical and Collaboration Practice.  In this role she was responsible for delivering solutions that enabled Aspect’s customers to more fully engage within the enterprise and to their consumer base. She was also a leader in the Aspect Women in Technology group.  In September of 2016 Judy, along with her partners Greg Petrites and Jessica Gray, launched a new company called Breakpoint Technology. Their vision was to build on their long standing commitment to customer relationships and to drive improvements within the enterprise through collaborative and innovative partnerships with the customer that focused on understanding the business needs first and foremost.  Using the concept of a “breakpoint” or an intentional pause or rest point in which the programmer solves problems and find solutions, the company steps through business issues to help customers find the best approach in which to move forward rather than forcing them into a one size fits all scenario.

Judy is also a member of  IAMCP and their Women In Technology Group,  Executive Council of the Jefferson County 4H, Board Member for the Kentucky Foundation for Women, Board Member of KYHIMSS, and Chair of Missions for Watkins United Methodist Church.


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