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Ritika Nevatia

Software Engineer at Apple

Ritika Nevatia

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  • Navigating a Global Career and Machine Learning Algorithms

    This session will have 2 parts: one experience based and one technical based. We'll start with how I navigated my career across multiple countries in tech. There are very different challenges depending on your location and the resources available are very limited. It can be intimidating to consider a move, but given the changing times, it is your perfect opportunity to travel across the world! We'll talk about how you can start the process, what unforeseen challenges can you prepare for and how to make the best of your time there! Then we'll switch gears and talk about algorithms. Instead of talking about the various applications of Machine Learning, we will see how these algorithms work. We'll cover major algorithms and learning methods in detail especially Supervised learning and Deep Learning. There will be more technical insight about how data is fed and manipulated to produce results for a layman to understand the small intricacies of basics. No coding abilities required.


Ritika Nevatia is a Software Engineer at Apple. She got her Masters degree from Stony Brook University, NY. Prior to Apple, she has worked at Uber in San Francisco, Rakuten in Fukuoka, CERN in Geneva and Barclays in Pune. She enjoys learning languages (speaks 5 currently) and creating art. She has travelled 25+ countries and has won a wide range of competitions. She strongly advocates for Women in Technology and is a lead at the Women@Apple Seattle Chapter.
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