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Virginia Gerhart

Senior IT manager, GE Appliances

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  • 1:30 - 2:10 Advancement in Operational Technology


Virginia is a senior IT manager working in the Factory Information Services(FIS) team at GE Appliances. Prior to her current role, she was an IT Infrastructure manager and then VP of IT at Firstsource America. As a mother of three, balancing work and home has been a challenge, but always worth it.

As a female leader in a largely male industry, she feels it’s her duty to recruit to young ladies to this space. Traditional IT and factory Operational Technology (OT) are full of opportunity for young ladies with creative minds. She volunteers with the GEA SWIFT (Students With Futures in Technology) program, and Junior Achievement speaking to kids at high schools about careers in the IT/OT space.

Currently, she is studying to continue to improve her industrial networking knowledge. In the FIS space, there are many protocols used that are not common to regular network traffic. PLCs, scanners, IoT devices on the factory floor have different connectivity needs than regular items on the enterprise network. This combines her love of the networking and the factory automation worlds.


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